Did You Know That 82% of The Online Complaints at Golf Clubs Are About Their Rangers?

  • And that almost none of those players are EVER coming back to YOUR club!
  • Rangers are killing your customers' experiences and most clubs don’t even realize it’s happening!
  • But, in most cases it’s really NOT their fault, the rangers have simply never been trained!

It’s time to do something about it….


In This Comprehensive Training Program You Will Discover:

Just Take a Look at Some of These Online Comments Taken at Random from a Course Near You…..

If you look online at the hundreds of review sites where people can leave feedback about your club one area stands about above all others when it comes to golf courses.

82% of All The Bad Press is Generated by a Single Person...
The Club’s Ranger!

           This makes sense as once a player tees off he is the person they are most likely to see while out on the course for 4 or 5 hours. Unless they actually do want to see him in which case he is usually AWOL looking for golf balls!


          Your ranger can have a huge effect on the public’s impression of your course and judging by the hundreds of comments I reviewed that impression is generally negative, very negative!

           He might be a nice old guy in the coffee shop but on the course he morphs into a regular Napoleon.

           So …. It’s 11:27 am do you know where your ranger is?

           At almost every course I have ever been to the answer is NO and that’s a problem! 

           Not only is it a customer service problem but it’s also an income problem!

           The rangers at most courses are retired guys who often don’t get paid and get free golf in return. (Not technically legal but common enough anyway) Since they don’t get paid they are not really employees, which is good because they usually don’t really work either!

           Instead they cruise round the course looking like General MacArthur in his Jeep looking for golf balls and avoiding contact with players that might result in them having to actually do something! LIKE SPEED THE GROUP IN FRONT UP! (am I the only player in the world who enjoys playing in 3 1/2 hours or less? And yes I do mean for 18)

           The problem is that rangers are one of your club’s most important employees and usually the only person your players have interaction with once they are out on the golf course. While most courses talk about “service” or “creating a great golfing experience.” Few do actually anything about creating it and that includes many private clubs!

Public or Private Many Rangers Suffer From Napoleon Syndrome

           Just the other day at my exclusive club the ranger ran over to the tenth tee in his cart and yelled even though he was just 20 ft away from my foursome “HEY! You guys are supposed to be starting on the 1st of the other nine!” It was cold, windy and raining (sure reasons not to play when you live in Florida and consequently their was hardly anyone at the club.)


           We trudged over to the fist tee and found a foursome of women who were as daft as we were and duly went back to the tenth where ranger Bob appeared again. “YOU GUYS are supposed to be on the 1st!” he yells exasperated at his dim witted members. “Call the shop”, we said, “and see if they care!”. He did and they didn’t! We completed nine holes in 1.15 without seeing another player on the course.

           The point though is not the rights and wrongs of the incident itself, but rather the way in which our group was address and the problem or in this case non-problem was handled. None of us were address by name although he knows us all. At not one point did he offer to check with the shop to solve the problem without creating one in fact he seemed more intent on showing us who was boss instead of helping facilitate our golfing experience!

           This is just a small personal example of the problems I hear about every week from players at the various clubs I work for. “I’ll never pay XXX club again because your rangers are rude.” Is a very common e-mail that comes back to my in box when I send out various promotions for my clients?

           Few courses seem to realize just what damage a ranger can do to their business if you doubt me even for a moment just go look at Trip Advisor, Yelp, Golf.com or anywhere else people can leave comments about a course an alarming amount are about the ranger and they are not the positive type!

Ranger Training

           The Ranger Systems Manual I developed to solve this problem is 60 pages plus a video and includes detailed check lists, routing plans and times so that I can actually answer the question do I know where the ranger is at any given time? By looking at a sheet of paper, not picking up the walkie-talkie. Using this manual as a guide I also know exactly to the word what the rangers response will be to any of 19 key situations from slow play to trespassers on the golf course.

           Like Disney everything in the manual is scripted. Whether the group responds with a positive “No Problem” or negative “@#$%& you” there is another scripted response and it’s not “@#$% you to!” By training the rangers to respond in this way and having a real check list of tasks they must perform on their way around the course, at specific times (like filling divots on the par threes) you eliminate a huge number of problems and increase their value to you operation by 1000%
            While a ranger systems manual like this does not solve every problem it solves 98% of them before they happen. This in turn makes their job easier, your job easier and the quality and consistency of your clubs response to problems the same no mater whether ranger Bob, John or Sally happens to be dealing with the problem. This helps speed up play, increasing your potential for greater revenue and delivers the type of consistent experience that player’s link to good service!

The Comprehensive Ranger Training Manual and Video Will Instantly and Dramatically Improve Your Customer Service

Three easy steps to superior ranger service:

#1 Review the Manual

          The manual includes detailed position agreements, scripting for 19 major problems encountered by rangers as well as tips on body language and tonality. Many Managers have described this manual as a “GOD SEND!” Includes a digital text file for easy customization to your operation.

#2 Watch The Training Video

          Every single touch point at your club is part of your overall customer delivery package and therefore, critical to your marketing’s success. This video is a comprehensive look at how to train and hold player service employees accountable for a superior customer service experience. The video includes lots of situations commonly encountered by rangers including how to deal with slow play, broken carts, bad behavior, and a host of other situations. Approximately 20 minutes of highly professional training NO CLUB should be without.

#3 Give a Short Test

          Last, but not least, there is a short testing section included in the back of the manual so you can insure compliance before you let them loose on your valuable customers!


Your ranger training kit includes:

  • 65 page printed manual
  • 65 page word manual so you can customize to your needs
  • Online Access to training video  



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